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Get your track rated by 100+ people (including music professionals) and receive insight in your music.

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What do people really think about your tracks?

You made the track, you love it, you’re proud of it, but do people like it? Now you can find it out with Sounders. Artists use Sounders to get real, targeted audience feedback and data-driven analytics. We help you to make smarter decisions about your music.

Check out the video to see how the The Lighthouse used Sounders to identify their hit songs.

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How does it work?

Visualisation of how tracks are rated

1. Upload your track

Upload your track with our easy-to-use platform, fill in a couple of details, and you’re ready to receive feedback

Visualisation of the different audiences

2. Select your audience

Select one of six distinct audiences who will listen and rate your track

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3. See what your audience voted

The unique insights give you the power to improve your tracks and get in touch with music professionals

Get professional insights on your music without giving up your royalties

Hundreds of real music fans & expert music industry professionals rate your tracks and provide valuable feedback that allows you to see the hit potential of your music

World map with numbers of people rating

Get in touch with over thousands of music experts

Receive feedback from 100+ listeners in a curated audience

You can chat with music experts when they rate your tracks

Compare tracks with fellow artists in your genre

Listen to tracks from fellow artists or hits from the past to improve yours

  1. Track Insights for Artists

    For artists who dream big and who are eager to take their career to the next level.
    You already have a couple of tracks in your repertoire and want to gain insights.

     Per track
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    • Included featureReal-time ratings from 100+ people in your audience
    • Included featureCompare your track to fellow artists and hits from the past
    • Included featureBetter understanding of your target audience
    • Included featureKnow the hit-potential of your track in your audience
    • Included featureReceive 1-1 feedback from real listeners by contacting them through e-mail once they rate your song
    • Included featureIf your track’s hit-potential is high, you can get in touch with music industry professionals to kick-off your career

They gained insights via Sounders Music

DJ in a concert with hand raised

“Data is becoming increasingly important in the music industry”

Estimating the potential of your music or its impact on a specific target group is possible now. Its objective information is useful in the decision-making process of the band and in the conversations with future partners. Not only are they actively supporting our band but they are also empowering us.

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