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Sounders Music can research the potential of your track automatically within target audiences which are defined with our research partners. One of the audiences that is defined is Laid Back.

Laid Back

Listening behavior
  • Radio 2
  • Skyradio
  • Spotify

The relaxt listener does not really pay much attention to music and doesn't have much knowledge of it either. They are more of a passive audience that consumes music at places like work or in the car.

Their music consumption is mostly satisfied by mainstream music that has already gained an audience. Their taste in music ranges from poppy to jazz and country, but very outspoken genres like Rock, Rap or Dutch are less a match with his audience.

They are a little older, and have on average a middle education level. Their spend on music is low. They do consume more offline music than the average listener in the Netherlands.

30% of them are subscribed to an online streaming service.

Track NameLaid Back Rating
  1. Cover for Train in the Distance by Paul Simon

    Train in the Distance

    Paul Simon
  2. Cover for Sea of Heart-break by Johnny Cash

    Sea of Heart-break

    Johnny Cash
  3. Cover for Firecracker by Ryan Adams


    Ryan Adams
  4. Cover for Should have known better by Sufjan Stevens

    Should have known better

    Sufjan Stevens

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