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Sounders Music can research the potential of your track automatically within target audiences which are defined with our research partners. One of the audiences that is defined is Intense.


Listening behavior
  • Radio 2
  • 3 FM
  • Radio Veronica
  • Arrow Classic Rock
  • Spotify

According to this audience, music is not meant to be played in backgrounds. Their type of music is meant to be felt.

Their beloved genres rock, metal and alternative are even more enjoyed when performed live so they tend to go to concerts and can be found as early bird purchasers of tickets. They do however not restrict themselves exclusively to these music genres as they keep an eye out for anything new, accross genres.
They scout new music and love to be regarded as knowledgeable by their peer music lovers. Music plays a big part in daily life: they read about it, speak about it a lot with friends and family – this makes up a big part of their discovery journey. They follow up music suggestions by Youtube and listen to different radio stations.

40% has a streaming subscription, which is average, but their spend on music is higher than any other target audience.

Track NameIntense Rating
  1. Cover for Raining Blood by Slayer

    Raining Blood

  2. Cover for Tool by Stinkfest


  3. Cover for Cell Zero by Enemies

    Cell Zero

  4. Cover for Tree fear of a Blank Planet by Porcupine

    Tree fear of a Blank Planet


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