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Sounders Music can research the potential of your track automatically within target audiences which are defined with our research partners. One of the audiences that is defined is Familiar.


Listening behavior
  • Radio 10
  • Skyradio
  • Spotify
  • 100% NL
  • YouTube

Listen to music that is easy and ‘gezellig’ (cosy), and gives a little festive feeling at home. Love to listen to music in their native Dutch language, German Schlagers, Country and sing-along-oldies. Recognizing a known song on the radio excites them more than discovering new material.

Not so much looking for new stuff, they still consume more than 4 hours per day of music through radio. They more often listen at home than others.

They have a settled lifestyle, are a little older, and have a low to middle education. Online and Live music events are less often used as a medium for music consumption, but can potentially still reach up to half of this audience (YouTube).

Streaming service subscription are up to 27%, YouTube usage is 51%, radio usage 91%. They have a low spending pattern on music.

Track NameFamiliar Rating
  1. Cover for Zoutelande by Bløf


  2. Cover for Kleine Jongen by Bløf

    Kleine Jongen

  3. Cover for Heb je even voor mij? by Frans Bauer

    Heb je even voor mij?

    Frans Bauer
  4. Cover for Lief zoals je bent by Maan

    Lief zoals je bent


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