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Sounders Music can research the potential of your track automatically within target audiences which are defined with our research partners. One of the audiences that is defined is Danceable.


Listening behavior
  • Radio 538
  • Q Music
  • Slam!
  • Spotify

This audience would eat music for breakfast if they could. They are always on the lookout for new music, or to push the repeat button on their favourite song. They share whatever they find, maintain playlist with songs new and old and gain followers with doing so.

Their genres are Electronic, Pop, Hip Hop, Latin and Dutch music. They have an adventurous lifestyle and love to party. They enjoy popmusic festivals and consume music online, but don’t rule out radio as they all still listen to the radio a lot (over 90%).

They are the youngest group of the music landscape and their spending power is therefore still limited, but expected to grow in the coming years.

53% of the Danceable segment has a streaming subscription.

Track NameDanceable Rating
  1. Cover for Gecko by Oliver Heldens


    Oliver Heldens
  2. Cover for Krantenwijk by Lil Kleine


    Lil Kleine
  3. Cover for Suavemente by Elvis Crespo


    Elvis Crespo
  4. Cover for Love no more by Loud Luxury Anders

    Love no more

    Loud Luxury Anders

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