For marketers word-of-mouth is the holy grail, and the fact that is very difficult to set word-of-mouth about a product in motion, makes it even more valuable. The idea behind word-of-mouth, and the reason why marketers in particular value it so much, is because our friends make great sales reps. We trust their opinions and that they’ve got our best interests at heart, even if we don’t follow their recommendation, we would give it more consideration than we would normally give an ad for a product on a billboard.

But what’s true for toothpaste is also true for music, and our friends have the potential to have a big influence on what music we listen to, especially when it comes to discovering new music. We choose our friends based on shared value systems and compatible personalities, in other words, people who are similar to us, which also means they’re probably into the same kind of music as us too. Obviously this doesn’t mean you’re going to like all the music that all of your friends listen to, after all we’re not carbon copies of one another and our friendship circles include a variety of personalities, albeit closely related ones.

However, this creates various degrees of influence among your group of friends, especially when it comes to something with as much emotional attachment as music. The closer a friend’s taste in music is to yours, the more value you are likely to attach to their opinions, and the more likely you are to act favorably on their recommendations of bands to check out, compared to the opinions and recommendations of others in your group of friends. Of course regardless of how highly you regard the opinions of any of your friends, it still carries more weight than the opinions of outsiders.

The NoticeSound app allows you to not only discover great new music in a unique, unbiased way based on the activity you’re busy doing. It also allows you to check out and listen to the music your friends have discovered. As an artist, this has incredible word-of-mouth value in terms of building a solid fan base, and as a fan, it allows you to discover even more great music through people whose opinions you trust.

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