With modern technology and the internet it has become easier than ever for artists to record their music and release it to the world without breaking the bank. This is especially great for up-and-coming artists as they don’t have to rely on getting spotted by record companies in order to gain traction. Recording music is about the simplest part of the process, it’s what happens once the recording is done that matters most - the where, when and how.

Having full control of your music and distribution can be quite complex - delivering to different streaming or online music retail services, compiling albums or bundles, promotional tracks, dealing with copyrights and royalties, including keeping track of where your music is played. It’s the kind of thing. Thankfully companies like FUGA provide services such as these for artists across the board, from new to established artists.

Aside from allowing you to manage your content, they also provide aggregation tools to distribute your music to the myriad of different digital music services today, allowing you to pick and choose not only which of your tracks go to which service and when, but also lets you control pricing and revenue deals across different platforms.

The business side of music is actually immensely complex, especially when it comes to legal and money matters, and many artists end up spending more time dealing with this kind of admin than actually making and promoting their music, especially those just starting out, because they don’t have the manpower to take care of these things. This is where FUGA and its kin show their true value, because it frees up a big chunk of artists’ time while still enabling them to keep complete control, time that can be spent on other important things such as promotion, and of course, making and recording music.

Innovative services like FUGA play an important role in levelling the music playing field, providing everyone with a near equal opportunity to focus on what matters most - winning fans with music, not admin skills.