Music is one of those things that very few of us can live without - whether you’re riding on the bus, chilling at home with your friends, working out, or stuck in an elevator - even when you’re by yourself in the wilderness with no-one else around you, you’re bound to start whistling or humming a tune at some point.

Because of this, the effects that listening to music has on us is something that researchers have been investigating for years. They have found that music can have a profound effect on the brain and alter our behaviour in different ways. The best part is that studies have shown that listening to music can actually improve your life. Here’s how:

Improves performance Want to get more done? According to research you should swop out that smooth jazz playlist for something with a little more punch when working, because music that’s more hardcore and angrier (than what we’re used to) often leads to better focus, makes you more persistent at a task and, oddly, makes you more optimistic about achieving your goals.

Helps you relax On the other end of the spectrum, music can also help you relax. While listening to music in general can make you more relaxed, it’s classical music in particular that has the biggest calming effect on people. So when you get home after a long day at the office, hit that chilled playlist and forget about that fight with your boss.

Gives you a better workout Researchers propped people on stationary bikes and had them cycle as hard as they could for as long as they could - they played them some of their favourites and then music they didn’t like that much. When these guys listened to the tunes they loved, they cycled farther and for longer compared to the music they didn’t like. So when you’re compiling a playlist to listen to at the gym, make sure you include tracks that you like.

Music relieves pain Do you have a headache that just doesn’t want to go away? While listening to music won’t make it disappear, listening to your favourite tracks may just make it easier to deal with. Studies have shown that listening to music that you like not only gives you a higher tolerance for pain, but also relieves some of the anxiety that comes with it.

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