Why exactly we like the music we do is something that’s been causing researchers to scratch their heads for some time now, however, according to a recent study one thing seems certain - the kind of music you like can say a lot about your personality.

A group of psychologists at Cambridge University set out to find some of the answers and designed a test to determine whether music taste does in fact reflect personality types.

They divided people into two general groups - those who prefer logic and order, and people who are more empathetic and tend to be more in touch with their emotions - and found that there definitely seems to be some correlation between these two groups and the type of music they tend to listen to.

The results of the study showed that people are more emotionally driven people prefer sad or emotional music, and people who are more analytical prefer music that’s more jagged or structural like punk or jazz. On the other hand, people who are more logical in their thinking get a bigger kick out of the structure of more hard-edged music than from emotion-laden songs.

Of course these are not absolutes in the same way there are no absolute personality types, and most people find some sort of balance. For example, just because you prefer punk over R&B doesn’t mean you don’t listen or like R&B.

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