Music is a funny thing - it’s something we enjoy in large groups, yet it is also incredibly personal, and we’re are often reluctant to talk about our music taste for fear of being judged, or even ridiculed by others.

The problem with a bias like this is that because of the negative sentiment towards certain bands or artists, you will probably never listen to any of the tracks of these bands or artists, robbing yourself of potentially finding music you actually really like. But it’s not just public opinion that influences whether you’d give a band or artist the time of day to listen to their tracks - hype is another powerful influencer.

In order to sell records or tracks, record companies try and create a buzz around an artist as possible. If you think about it, artists are brands and their music is the product they sell, and record companies carefully craft these brands (artists) and present them to the public through specifically selected media outlets that target the market whose attention they’d like to get. Boybands are great examples of this - with good looking guys, a couple of surefire hits, cool dance moves and a catchy name - bands like One Direction, Backstreet Boys, The Wanted, Justin Timberlake’s old group, NSYNC, and many others come to mind.

Regardless of whether you’re a top selling boyband from the UK, a couple of underground punks tearing it up in a garage somewhere in Southern California or a rapper from the Bronx, the fact of the matter is that all artists have a certain image that they try to cultivate in order to try and relate to a certain audience, and this has a big impact on who will listen to their music. It also affects the way you discover new music.

Take away an artist’s image, however, and you’re left with just the music - the main reason why the artist or band is out there playing in the first place, and ultimately the reason why you keep on listening to them, because you like their music first and foremost. If you heard a song by a band whose image you don’t relate to or like, but you didn’t know it was, would you still not like it? Perhaps, but there’s a chance that you will actually like it.

The NoticeSound app helps you discover great new songs in a unique way - the app strips away the hype, public opinion or image an artist might have and focusses on one thing and one thing only. The music. At the end of the day the appeal of music lies in the emotional connection that the combination of music and lyrics evoke in you, and to be robbed of experiencing these emotions because of an artist’s image, seems a little silly.