Targeting music consumers even sharper by combining insights.

NoticeSound, creator of the Sounders Music app, and market research agency Motivaction have entered into a collaboration. By combining their research models and expertise, both parties are able to provide their clients with even better consumer insights.

Complementary data
Both NoticeSound and Motivaction have defined a range of target audiences. NoticeSound mapped the music landscape and made a segmentation based on respondents’ music preferences and behaviour. Motivaction mapped society and segmented people based on their personal values, beliefs and lifestyle-model Mentality. Combining these complementary insights creates exciting and far richer profiles than ever before. By working together, both parties aim to find new ways in categorizing music, based on relations between NoticeSound and Motivaction’s typologies.

Insights and analytics
This collaboration will provide NoticeSound’s Sounders Music app with additional underlying data, enabling deeper analytics. For instance, artists who use the app to have their music reviewed will get a clearer picture of their target audiences. Adding new segments will also allow artists to have their music tested in new categories.

Radio stations will profit from the combined expertise as well. It allows for better and soundly based profiles of their listeners. Armed with this information, radio stations are better positioned to target the right advertisers. It also enables them to compile a playlist to improve their market share of their intended audience. Lastly, the new insights will help brands understand which music their consumers prefer, enabling them to select the right media partner(s) for their message.

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