Amsterdam, 4th March 2019

Breaking into the music industry is hard. A lot of great talents gets overseen and the current industry seems to only emphasize on its successful stars, which makes it rather difficult for new talents to break-through! No more!

This is why Sounders Music believes there is a strong need for insights and guidance (distribution, recordings, promotion, etc) for talented artists and their work. The online Artist Portal is launching on the 6th of March and is developed to discover talented artists and reach their goal to become successful. The artists can test their tracks with real listeners for market feedback, build a fanbase and get discovered. Sounders Music makes it easy for talents to upload and test their tracks. From each track that is uploaded the hit-potential is revealed by using feedback from real listeners that are using the app. The opinion of music lovers is used in combination with research about the underlying structure of musical preferences of the Dutch population in close collaboration with GfK. Hits that were recognized with the research are Zoutelande (Bløf), Gecko (Oliver Heldens), Krantenwijk (Lil Kleine) and Train in the Distance (Paul Simon). Once the feedback is collected it generates a report for the upcoming artist with a quality mark within different target audiences revealing its track’s potential.

It does not end there because each artist that scores a high-quality mark for its track can be invited by Sounders Music to start an investment round in the app. Music lovers can then invest in the artist that was selected to guide them with their distribution, promotion and recordings. This will make it accessible for talents to start and we might just discover the next generation of stars!