Why guess if you can know?

Sounders delivers unique insight into your musics hit potential. Upload your track today and start making smarter decisions for your music. See how The Lighthouse chose the right track for their new single.

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Add the details of your track and select the target audience you would like to receive feedback from

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In which genres can you discover the hit-potential of my track?

In almost every genre! You can check our research to see the track ratings from hits in the past.

How long does it take to receive my track rating?

It depends on your audience. The track ratings can be discovered faster in a broader audience than in a specific genre.

What are the costs?

You can discover one track rating in an audience as little as 49,- euros. Check out our pricing page for more information.

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Select your audience

We use data science to identify the musical tastes of our listeners and collect their feedback which is translated into a hit-potential rating.

  • Real listeners in different genres
  • Each music professional is screened and receives a different weight when they score your track
  • Different audiences are identified with research

Who are the listeners who give their opinion?

Everyone that likes to discover music can sign up in our app.

Why would someone listen and score my track?

Our music professionals like to score and discover (un)released music.

How do you know how valuable the scores are of the music professionals?

All the music professionals go through a music taste test to identify their musical taste. Afterwards, we give a different weight to their score based on their preferences based on our algorithm.

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Reveal the hit-potential of your track

Become a member to check the quality of different tracks and compare your performance.

  • Market insights for your release and or playlist policy
  • Objective proof of your hit-potential based on research
  • You can become a high potential and receive an artist contract

Do you share my data or track ratings with others?

No, we only share data or track rating with your permission. We want to create more power for the artist(s) and negotiate on their behalf to find the right partners in case of a high rating.

Do you have proof of hits you predicted?

Yes, you can check research to see the track ratings of hits from the past.

Why is this track rating good?

You can discover your hit-potential with a real expert panel to get the information you need to perfect your music without committing to a contract. It is proven datascience and you can access music professional with a demonstrated background.

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They gained insights via Sounders Music

“Data is becoming increasingly important in the music industry”

Estimating the potential of your music or its impact on a specific target group is possible now. Its objective information is useful in the decision-making process of the band and in the conversations with future partners. Not only are they actively supporting our band but they are also empowering us.

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